Per Pers Gården has a wonderful garden environment! Here are roses and climbing plants of various kinds, a wonderful arbor with Blåblommande Clematis and a large greenhouse. The garden has several separate seating areas for relaxation and social interaction.

Beautiful flowers are plentiful in the garden.
One of the garden's great paths with flowers and vegetation.

During the early spring, the garden is overseeded by blue blossoming scilla and crocus. In May and June, the apple trees, azaleas, tulips and perennials bloom. In July, lots of old-fashioned and newer rose bushes, peonies, lilies and countless perennials bloom. A little later will clematis, daylilies and Dalias, etc.

Beautiful pink roses!

The garden also has fine portals, beautifully cobbled passageways, lawns with ancient apple trees, perennials, shrubs and trees with old cultural history.

The garden's fine portal.

Even in the winter months it is good to explore the area. We have had several visits during the winter of people who want to be close to nature to study and photograph birds and other animals.

In the winter
Garden in winter.

Experience the nice garden for Real

If you want to come and check the garden, contact Us and we can book an appointment! If you arrive in a large group, you will want a maximum of one bus with people at a time.